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Nasce da una tela di contatti e di corrispondenti presenti nella comunità albanese residente in Italia e da giornalisti, professori, studiosi o studenti che risiedono nel paese delle aquile per dare vita ad un network di informazione indipendente, costituito da questo portale in lingua italiana.

Pope Francis’s first visit in Europe- a real privilege for Tirana,...

Pope Francis (Papa Francesco) decided to visit Albania in its fourth international visit, and his first visit in Europe.

The “Christian” Europe and the “Islamic” Albania

If they do not accept me in Europe together with my neighbor who goes to mosque, I refuse the offer and I continue my life that is proper!

“Open your eyes”: Celebrities urge the nation not to forget Syria’s...

Singer Rita Ora drew on her experiences from the conflict in Kosovo for UNICEF's new appeal [UNICEF]

Albania, Belgium sign pension agreement

A Social Protection Agreement, which enables pension transfer for 35,000 Albanian emigrants, was signed in Brussels on Monday.

New book offers pictures of George W Bush’s controversial presidency

This picture was taken by Draper in Albania where a crowd rushes to touch Mr Bush during the first visit to the country by an American president. A Photographic Portrait of the Presidency of George W Bush

Is Albania ready to start accession talks with the EU? France...

In its latest report on enlargement, the EU executive praised Tirana’s efforts to fight organised crimes and corruption. But is the country really ready to start accession talks with the EU? Christophe Robeet asks Albania’s Foreign Minister, Ditmir Bushati.